How to build your CV online

How to build your CV online

Customize or create your résumé with the help of these easy-to-use online services and apps to catch a potential employer’s attention
The job search of today is radically different from that of a few years ago. Recruiters use online tools to find the perfect candidates, and vice versa. Since employers can find most of the person’s information online, the physical résumé as a stand-alone document needs to change as well—it must compliment that information with a visual résumé, an online portfolio or a custom website page that could enhance your online presence. We take a look at some online resources that can help you create that ideal résumé. Before you get started make sure you have an updated LinkedIn profile because most employers immediately search for it and check it.
Accredible not only lets you upload documents/certificates that detail what you already know, but also keeps track of what you’re in the process of learning. It has a neat arrangement where you can create “slates” that represent a course/skill and attached to it is the “evidence” that you have to submit to ascertain your completion of the said course/skill. This gives your portfolio an organized workflow that clearly highlights your strengths. To create a clear and concise e-portfolio that works as evidence for your skill sets, look no further than Accredible.
Physical résumés, when using a software such as Microsoft Word, can take hours to make—you spend a lot of time perfecting the formatting and layout. CV Maker lets you make a neat and crisp résumé without putting in too much effort. It is quick to get started on—you don’t even need to sign up to create your résumé. You have six different fields to fill, with each requiring certain details. After rearranging the fields as per your preferences, you can select one out of six preset styles for your résumé. And that’s it, you’re done with your résumé that you can now download in TXT, PDF or HTML formats. If you’re looking at something that builds a sharp résumé without needing to put in too much effort, CV Maker is the perfect solution.
Similar to CV Maker, it is a free-to-use site that gives you certain sections to fill in and templates to choose from (nine of them) to create a résumé with ease that you can then save or print as PDF or DocX. The design templates look really slick, making Creddle résumés visually attractive. Also, if you have a detailed LinkedIn profile, it can automatically create a résumé for you by importing details from it. Creddle also lets you quickly create a cover letter with a nameplate and contact links that match the résumé. It can also embed the résumé on your own website, if you have one. Creddle creates good-looking résumés without much fuss and can serve as a compliment to your landing page with the embed feature.
If you think your online presence would reflect your personality a lot better with a custom-designed website, then opt for Flavors. It will showcase a picture on the background with a biography and a set of links about your previous work.
With Flavors, you can create a landing page within 20-25 minutes if something simplistic is good enough; you can also customize many features such as the layout, fonts, links, domain name, traffic analysis, etc., to make it a richer experience. It also gives you free customizable business cards (with shipping charges extra). It is easy to use, flexible, powerful and stylish.
This free website reviews your résumé and then grades it for you. Based on recommendations of hiring managers, human resource directors, job search experts, and certified résumé writers, RezScore’s algorithms read your résumé and analyse it on more than a dozen metrics to determine a grade for your résumé.
What’s more, it tells you exactly which areas the résumé did well in and comes up with recommendations for improving upon others. No suggested changes are mandatory, but if you want a second opinion on your résumé’s quality, RezScore works well.
In this age of job hunting, people are stepping away from traditional résumés and want to “share their stories” instead. That’s exactly what does by presenting work details in a visually eye-catching manner. It lets you build your résumé in the form of infographics, and stores it on a personalized Web address that serves as your résumé. LinkedIn integration makes sure that it is regularly updated along with any changes you make to the LinkedIn profile. The very cool interface lets you add graphics such as statistics, skill proficiencies and quotes with ease.
On the phone
Some of the apps that let you create résumés on your smartphone/tablet
Resume Star
Free on iOS
Resume Star lets you build professional-looking CVs in a matter of minutes on your iOS device, iPhone or iPad. Nothing very fancy, but it gives you the basic stuff—enter information, select from templates, and you’re done. What stands out is the payment system. The app is free to download, but the developers expect the customer to pay them “only when we’ve earned it”—once you actually get a job with the résumé you created using Resume Star.
Free on Android
Super requires the user to fill in the details, select a template, and your résumé is ready. However, what is interesting is that they’re trying to create a Tinder-like community for workspaces, where users can choose which companies they’d like to work for (Tinder is a dating mobile app). Thus, if you like a company and the company likes your résumé as well, there’s a match and you’re automatically connected.
Source | Mint – The Wall Street Journal | 15 April 2015

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