List of the Journals subscribe by CCET Library

No. Name of Journal Branch
1 Indian Jr.of Embedded System in Engineering Research EC
2 Indian Jr. of Signal & Processing EC
3 Advances in Electronic Circuit ,Devices & System EC
4 Indian Jr. of VLSI and circuit Design EC
5 IUP Jr. of Telecommunications EC
6 Embedded for you with CD PCB EC
7 IETE Jr. of Research EC
8 IETE Jr. of Technical Review EC
9 E-Bazaar EC
10 Electronics for you EC
11 Journal of Image Processing and Artifical Inteligence (Mat Journals) EC
12 Current Development in Electrical Engineering ELECTRICAL
13 Power line ELECTRICAL
14 Lighting India ELECTRICAL
15 Electrical India ELECTRICAL
16 Journal of Semiconductor Devices & circuit ELECTRICAL
17 Trends in Electrical Engineering ELECTRICAL
18 Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology & Management CIVIL
19 Recent Trends in Civil Engineering & Technology STM Journal CIVIL
20 Journal of Geotechnical Engineering STM Journal CIVIL
21 Journal of Structural Engineering and Management STM Journal CIVIL
22 Construction world CIVIL
23 Civil Engineering and construction review CIVIL
24 Jr. of English Language Teaching GENERAL
25 Safari GENERAL
26 Good House Keeping GENERAL
27 Competition Success Review GENERAL
28 Reader’s Digest GENERAL
29 University News GENERAL
30 Indian Journal of Computer Graphics & Techniques CE/IT
31 Indian Journal of current development in Computer Science Engineering CE/IT
32 Indian Jr. of Modern Software Engineering CE/IT
33 Indian Jr. of Neural Networks and Techniques CE/IT
34 Linux for you (with CD) CE/IT
35 Indian Jr. of Wirelss Networks and Communications CE/IT
36 Indian jr. of Digital Information Technology CE/IT
37 IUP JR. of Information technology CE/IT
38 Express Computer CE/IT
39 Silicon India CE/IT
40 Developer IQ CE/IT
41 International Jr of Computational Linguistics Research CE/IT
42 Journal of Network Security and Computer Networks CE/IT
43 Jr. of Open source development CE/IT
44 Jr of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks CE/IT
45 Recent Trends in Programming Language CE/IT
46 Jr. of Web Engineering & Technology CE/IT
47 Jr. of Instrument Society of India IC
48 Industrial Automation Magazine IC
49 Industrial Product Finder IC
50 Engineering Advances Today IC
51 Indian Jr. of Instrumentation & Control Engineering IC
52 Current Development in Measurement & Instrumentation Engineering IC
53 Indian Jr. of Engg. & Material Sc. MECH
54 Indian Journal of Mechotronics MECH
55 Indian Jr. of Material Sciences And Technology MECH
56 Indian Jr. of Mechanical Engineering & Research MECH
57 IUP jr of Mechanical Engineering MECH
58 Journal of Indian Mechanical Engineering MECH
59 Indian Foundry Jr. MECH
60 Industrial engg. Journal MECH
61 Manufacturing Technology Today MECH
62 Machiniest MECH
63 Indian Jr. of Automobile Engineering AUTO
64 Indian Jr.of Transport Management AUTO
65 Jr. of Energy Heat And Mass Transfer AUTO
66 Zigwheels AUTO
67 TopGear AUTO
69 Auto India AUTO
70 The ICFAI University Jr. of Corporate Governance MBA
71 The ICFAI University Jr. of Operations Management MBA
72 The IUP Jr. of Management Research MBA
73 The IUP Jr. of Entrepreneurship Development MBA
74 The ICFAI Organizational behavior MBA
75 Decision IIM-Calcutta MBA
76 IIMB Management Review MBA
77 Prabandhan : India Jr. of Management MBA
78 Business India MBA
79 Business World MBA
80 Harvard Business Review MBA
81 The Management Accountants MBA
82 Vikalpa : The Journal of Decision Makers MBA
83 Business Today MBA

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