New Arrivals

New titles added on 20th February 2016

Sr.No Author Title Publisher Branch Book Details use ctrl + left click to visit the web link
1 Khurmi R.S. A Textbook of Machine Design S. Chand Auto Click Here
2 Sharma P.C. A Textbook of Production Engineering S.Chand & Co Mech Click Here
3 Aggarwal K.M. Auto Design Problems Satya Prakashan ,New Delhi Auto Click Here
4 Gupta R.B. Automobile Engineering Satya Prakashan ,New Delhi Auto Click Here
5 Narang G.B.S. Automobile Engineering Khanna Publishers Auto Click Here
6 Giri, N.K. Automobile Technology Khanna Publishers Auto Click Here
7 Kohil P.L. Automotive Electrical Equipment Mcgraw Hill Auto Click Here
8 Radhakrishanan P., Subramanyan S. and Raja V. CAD /CAM/CIM New Age,New Delhi Mech. Click Here
9 Peurifoy, Robert L., Schetnayder Clifford J., and Shapira Aviad Construction Planning, Equipment and Methods McGraw Hill Civil Click Here
10 Kahate Atul Cryptography and Networks Security Mcgraw Hill CE/IT Click Here
11 Bhandani V.B. Design Of Machine Elements Mcgraw Hill Mech. Click Here
12 Harwani B.M. Developing  Web Application in PHP and AJAX Mcgraw Hill CE/IT Click Here
13 Duggal S.K. Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures Oxford Civil Click Here
14 Duggal, K.N. Elements of Environmental Engineering S. Chand Civil Click Here
15 Subramanya K. Engineering Hydrology TMH,New Delhi Civil Click Here
16 Rao Singiresu S. Engineering Optimization : Theory and Practice New Age,New Delhi Auto Click Here
17 Gupta H.N. Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines PHI Mech. Click Here
18 White Tom Hadoop: The definitive guide SPD Publishers CE/IT Click Here
19 Rajput R..K. Heat And Mass Transfer In S I Units S. Chand Mech. Click Here
20 Holman J.P., Bhattacharya Sovik Heat Transfer (IN SI Units) Mcgraw Hill Mech. Click Here
21 Chandraputla, Tiruputhi R., and Belegoundu Ashok D. Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering Pearson Auto Click Here
22 Pandya, N.C. and Shah C.S. Machine Design Charotar Pub. Mech. Click Here
23 Bangar K.M. Principles of Engineering Geology Standard Publishers Civil Click Here
24 Das Braja M. and Sobhan Khaled Principles of Geotechnical Engineering Cengage, New Delhi Civil Click Here
25 Webb, John W. & Reis Ronald A. Programmable Logic Controllers : Programming Methods and Applications Pearson EC Click Here
26 Purushotamraj P. Soil Mechanics and  Foundation Engineering Pearson Civil Click Here
27 Cengel Yunus A.,  and Boles, Michael A. Thermodynamics : An Engineering Approach Mcgraw Hill Mech. Click Here
28 Suganthi L., Samuel Anand S. Total Quality Management PHI Auto Click Here
29 Techobanoglous George, Burton Franklinl Stensel David H. Wastewater Engineering : Treatment and Reuse Mcgraw Hill Civil Click Here
30 Hammer, Mark J. and Hammer, Mark J. (Jr.) Water and waste water technology PHI Civil Click Here
31 Knuckles, Craig  D. and Yuen David S. Web Aplications : Concepts and  Real World Design Wiley CE/IT Click Here

New titles added on 21st January 2016

Sr.No Author Title Publisher Branch Book Details use ctrl + left click to visit the web link
1 P.L.Ballaney Theory Of Machines & Mechanisms Khanna Publishers. Mech Click Here
2 R.K. Rajput Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines S.Chand & Co Mech Click Here
3 V.P.Vasandani Hydraulic Machine – Theory & Design Khanna Mech Click here
4 Tom White Hadoop: The Definitive Guide O’Reilly Media EC Click here
5 Chai K Toh Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks: Protocols and Systems PHI EC Click here
6 Andrei Pavlov, Manoj Sachdev CMOS SRAM Circuit Design and Parametric Test in Nano-Scaled Technologies Springer EC Click here
7 R. K. Jain Engineering Metrology Khanna Publishers. Auto Click here
8 Dr. S. Thipse Alternate Fuels Jaico Publications Auto Click here
9 E. O. Doeblin Measurement Systems McGraw Hill Auto Click here
10 N.K.Giri Automotive Mechanics Khanna Publishers Auto Click here
11 Gopal Ranjan, Rao A.S.R., Basic and applied soil mechanics New age int. (p) ltd. Civil Click here
12 Duggal K N Elements of Environmental Engineering S Chand & Co Ltd. Civil Click here
13 Das Braja M, Principles of Geotechnical Engineering, Thomson Asia Pvt. Ltd. Civil Click here
14 Santosh Kumar Garg Irrigation Engg. & Hydraulic Structure Khanna Publishers. Civil Click here

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